Judge Orders Twin Babies to Be Renamed -- by Their Siblings

judge blocks baby name

When it comes to naming twins, some parents choose to give their babies the same initials, while others select rhyming names. Whatever you decide to go with, you probably never expect that a court will outlaw your babies' names months after you've given birth. But one judge in Wales is banning a mom from giving one of her twins a disturbing name. And who gets to rename this baby -- and her twin! -- is even more bizarre.


Justice Eleanor King told the mother of 8-month-old twins Cyanide and Preacher that naming a daughter after a deadly poison could cause emotional trauma to the little girl down the line. While she feels "Preacher" isn't as bad, the judge still decided that it was in the children's best interest to be renamed -- by their half-siblings.

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King argued that naming one of the twins, who were reportedly conceived when their mother was raped, after the lethal chemical compound could impact the youngster negatively as she matures:

It is hard to see how ... the twin girl could regard being named after this deadly poison as other than a complete rejection of her by her birth mother.

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The twins have been in foster care with their three half-siblings, who, depending on their ages and feelings, could see this as either an exciting opportunity or a big burden.

We see the judge's point, certainly, and while this isn't the first time a court has rendered a name "illegal," you have to wonder ... where do you draw the line?

Granted, this mom has a history of mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse, but should that really negate her choice of the name "Preacher"? And by 8 months of age, these twins may be responding to their names, making it confusing for the whole family.

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Naming a baby is often a tough decision. You want to choose something you, your partner, and eventually your child will love. Whether it honors a beloved family member or even represents something whimsical (Apple Martin, we're looking at you), you'll probably deliberate for months before settling on the perfect selection.

No matter what you choose, you probably don't expect to have it overruled by a judge. While there are times when it may cause a child to be bullied or taunted, you have to ask when a court has the jurisdiction to change it.


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