Daughter Asks Dad to Buy Maxi Pads & His Confused Texts Are Funny AF

dad buys maxi pads

It's every dad's worst nightmare: being asked to go out and buy your daughter maxi pads. Humiliations galore!! But one UK father recently knocked this dreaded task out of the park with a series of hilarious texts sent to his partially bemused, partially horrified teen daughter Tia Savva (who, lucky for all of us, decided to post the texts on Facebook).


Dad's mission was simple: Pick up a package of Always overnight pads (scented and with wings). Except, as Dad put it, "WTF are wings?" and how is somebody supposed to know if the pads are scented or not -- smell them?! Check it out:

Here are the two smaller images, so you can get the full impact:

dad buys maxi pads

Best line? "I thought you ladies needed cream for after." HAHAHAHA! Oh, Dad.

dad buys maxi pads

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Seriously, even as a woman I can relate to this poor pop's frustration -- there are, like, a kajillion varieties of maxi pads and tampons out there, and sometimes my eyes start to glaze over before I can find the ones I'm looking for. So it's really impressive, and super sweet, that this guy was such a good sport.

In fact, this sort of willingness to roll with the period punches is a sign that this guy is more than just a good sport, he's a good dad. Of course he was only doing what every dad should do by taking care of his daughter's needs and making her feel comfortable enough to tell him about those needs in the first place, but let's be honest -- not every dad would do that. It's sad to say, but I'm sure there are plenty of guys out there who flat-out refuse to step foot in the feminine hygiene aisle. (And clearly this dad hadn't spent much time in that part of the supermarket before!)

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I just think it says a lot about this particular father/daughter relationship that Tia was texting with her dad about her sanitary napkin preferences. No, there shouldn't be any weirdness about cross-gender menstruation talk in this day and age, but there is weirdness -- only, not between these two! Which is pretty amazing. And that's why, as moms, we should probably make it a priority to include dads in any talks we have about the birds and the bees with our daughters -- to take away from that weirdness, and to make maxi pad shopping easier for generations to come!


Images via Tia Savva/Facebook

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