New Law Would Mean Airlines Can't Charge Moms Extra to Sit With Kids #Hallelujah

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Air travel with kids is stressful enough without having to worry that you won't get a seat next to your little one or that you'll be separated from your child at a security checkpoint; unfortunately, these are very real concerns for parents. So it's a huge deal that Congress is now taking steps which could could make flying a lot easier for families -- finally!


On Monday, the Senate added an amendment to the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill that would both require airlines to let parents sit with their kids on flights at no additional cost and allow parents to accompany their children through security checkpoints at all times. And that's not all: Proposed by Senator Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), the amendment would also require airlines to be more accommodating to pregnant women (by letting them pre-board, for one thing). 

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At last! And when you think about it, this is good news for everyone -- not just moms and dads. After all, as much as every traveling parent dreads the prospect of having to beg a stranger to switch seats, every traveling non-parent dreads the prospect of being stuck next to somebody's kid (who may or may not spend the entire flight screaming if not being fed a steady stream of fruit snacks and Elmo videos). 

It didn't used to be so hard for parents to make sure they'd be seated next to their kid on a flight, but apparently since airlines started charging extra for so-called "premium" coach seats, there are fewer seats for passengers who want to sit next to each other without paying ridiculous amounts of money in additional fees. (Oftentimes the only remaining seats are rows apart!)

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If the proposed changes to this bill pass, it would be a tremendous relief for families on the go. And an overdue relief, at that. Isn't allowing parents to be with their children through every step of the airline travel process just sort of common sense? It's honestly kind of nuts that we need legislation to make this happen, but at least it seems like it will happen. 

Here's to family-friendly skies!


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