Mom Watches Her Baby Being Born via Surrogate in Gorgeous Photo Series

kim overtonBirth photos are always beautiful and powerful enough to go viral, but the photographs of Kim Overton welcoming her second son into the world via a surrogate are especially buzzworthy: Not only are the images visually stunning, but the story behind them is also incredibly compelling.


Kim, founder of the fitness accessory company SPIbelt, was diagnosed with fibroid tumors in 2005 at the age of 34, before having any children. But after undergoing surgery, she was able to conceive and give birth to her first son five years later as a "solo starter" (someone who chooses to have a child on her own without a significant other). 

Thrilled with her life as a single mom, Kim decided to try for a second child in 2012. This time, however, after many failed attempts, doctors told her the fibroids were making it nearly impossible for her to get pregnant. Kim was devastated, but still determined. Considering surrogacy, she spoke with her family about her plans -- and was blown away when her cousin's 26-year-old daughter Cydnee (a mother of two) nominated herself for the job!

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The process wasn't easy, but in July of 2015, Cydnee finally conceived. By then, Kim was married to man she met and married after starting the surrogacy process. When Kim's son Oliver was born recently, the mom made sure to have photographer Leilani Rogers on hand to capture the amazingly momentous family occasion. 

"I was inspired to share these photos because I felt they captured the true joy and happiness that this birth and my surrogate have given my family and me," Kim told The Stir.

"The birth was beautiful, special, and amazing to us all. If sharing the pictures can help make others feel good about the surrogacy route, or give hope to someone experiencing infertility, or hope to the solo starter, then awesome!"

These photos definitely are doing all that, and then some! Click through this slideshow to see what we mean, and check out Kim's blog to find out more about her story.


Image courtesy Leilani Rogers

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