School Changes Dress Code to Save Girls From Their Lecherous Male Teachers

It's all Greek to me!

... At some point we have to get tired of teaching our girls to stop doing something in fear of tempting men, right? Sadly, that doesn't seem to be on the lesson plan, as Henderson High School in New Zealand is coming under fire for basically telling girls to lengthen dresses so that boys won't get ideas and male teachers can do their jobs better.



And, to clarify, this is the current dress situation happening at Henderson High School ...

Looks pretty harmless, right?


Those of us opposed to this absurd -- and pretty horrible -- alteration to the school dress code don't have problems following the rules. If you need to wear a school uniform, guess what? You need to wear a school uniform.

It's that simple.

But what doesn't add up, or equate to equality, for that matter, is deputy principal Cherith Telford's reason why he rounded up eleventh-grade girls at this school. He reportedly told them that longer skirts would "stop boys from getting ideas," and "... create a good work environment for male staff ..."

Um, I'll take WTF for $200, Alec.

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As a parent, I'm all for limiting necessary distractions so my kids can focus in school -- and if that means teachers need to enforce things like no cell phones and other electronic devices, fine. (Give them back, though.) What gets me heated about this situation is not that Henderson High wants girls' skirts to be below the knee per se, but rather their reasoning that it's for the good of guys, who, apparently, won't be able to get through the school day at the sight of lady knees.

I know that might sound over the top or silly, but the same goes for the crazy reasoning behind this dress code.

Being a mother of two boys, I'm constantly thinking about what I want to teach them and what I want them to learn in life. What message does it send to young gents-in-training that girls should make changes to their appearance for a man's sake, so he can carry on with his day without having any sultry ideas pop up in his head? At least to me, this gives off the impression that men cannot control their desires and are horny toads 24/7.

First, we start with covering the knees. What's next, the nape of the neck? Or, perhaps tape around a woman's torso, to help prevent the outline of her bra from being visible?

Just looking at these school uniforms as is makes me chuckle. It would be one thing if students were coming in with leftovers from a Miley Cyrus music video or something (she was the first celeb to come to mind, chillax), but that's clearly not the case. In fact, a good portion of the female uniforms I see come right above the knee.

Come on, these are far from hot pants and mini skirts, people.



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