Parents of Kids Who Stood Up 2nd Grader's Birthday Party Should Be Ashamed

Young boy receives outpouring of love after no one shows up to his birthday

The thought of no one showing up to a child's birthday is enough to break your heart. But the thought of no kids attending 9-year-old Gerald Hamilton's party because he's "too different" will piss you off. His grandma Amelia Lara was angry too -- so she went to bat for her grandson on Facebook with a post asking for cards. What she got, however, was an outpouring of birthday love from Good Samaritans who made Gerald's day extra special.


No one will ever know why parents think teaching their children such horrible behavior is ever okay. Yes, the courtesy of an RSVP would've been nice (proper, even), but there's a bigger picture here. Gerald has had to deal with enough adversity in his life -- including multiple skull surgeries and developmental delays -- and should never be made to feel he is less than a desirable friend because of it. (No one should.)

You seriously can't blame Gerald's grandma Amelia for posting her frustrations on Facebook. Just hearing about what happened, and thinking about how Gerald felt, is enough to make you sad ... and very angry.

I'm going to vent right now. My grandson who is in second grade and has had at least 5 skull expansion surgeries, is...

Posted by Amelia Lara on Monday, April 4, 2016

As Amelia writes:

At 3 p.m., he [Gerald] made sure his goodie bags were ready for his friends; he was dressed and ready to party. At 5 p.m., he was still sitting there, not wanting to cut the cake, because one person might show up.

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Thankfully, this story has a happy ending -- and not because Gerald received a ton of gifts. No, wonderful people stepped up to the plate to turn Gerald's sour birthday experience into one full of love and unforgettable moments, and it's enough to make you cry tears of joy.

Gerald's town -- including the mayor -- met with the 9-year-old to give him gifts, and reiterate how special he is.

Thank you to the city of Hobart and Corporal Gresser and Mayor Brian Snedecor

Posted by Amelia Lara on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Even local heroes, like police officers in Gerald's Illinois community, took the time to surprise the young boy at home, and it likely meant so much.

Being a Police officer is amazing. Today Officer Michael McKenzie and Ron Potrebic, and I amd also Dispatcher Heather...

Posted by David Wright on Thursday, April 7, 2016

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It warms my heart when I think about the outpouring of kindness Gerald received. And yet, it makes me sad to think about so many children who don't feel loved or liked by their family, peers, and others in their life. As a mother, I never want my children to feel they can't be friends with someone because of any differences. (That's what makes us all unique.)

Hopefully this inspires more people to be kind to one another. Sure, you don't need a gift to do so, but do think about your actions -- and how they affect other people.




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