Principal Threatens to Arrest Parents Who Walk Their Kids Home From School

school bans walking home from schoolPicking up kids from school isn't typically a pleasant ordeal. But if you have the luxury of living within walking distance, getting a little fresh air, exercise, and quality time together can be beneficial for all -- which is why we're shocked that one school in Texas has banned parents from walking their kids home.


The principal at Bear Branch Elementary has deemed the practice "unsafe" and is so serious about it, parents have said she's threatened to have them arrested if they try to walk their little ones home.

So, what are your options? Your kids can either ride the bus, or parents and caregivers can wait in lines that take up to one hour to get through. Wow, sounds like a lose-lose for kids, parents, and, oh wait, the environment!

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Even parents who live just blocks away are being forced to drive. What do you do if your car breaks down? And how is this even within the principal's purview to dictate how a child gets home? As you'd imagine, irate parents are pulling their kids out of Bear Branch Elementary and placing them in private schools. Who could blame them?

The principal's argument is that the school is located near a five-lane highway. Still, what about crossing guards, lights, and the importance of teaching children how to safely navigate a busy street? We can understand not wanting youngsters crossing a major highway alone, but for ones who live just feet away from the school, let's not put more cars on the road and pollution in the air needlessly.

Many times schools opt for a one-size-fits-all solution to an issue and it ends up backfiring. It sounds like that's the case here. Also, where do you draw the line? What if a lake is nearby? That can present a drowning issue. How about a ferocious dog who may escape from a home? Who dictates what is too dangerous? Usually, it is the parent.

While this principal might have the safety of students in mind, she's overstepped her bounds.


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