Moms Mad at This Sign About Being Present Are Kinda Missing The Point

Controveersial parenting poster angers moms

If ever you want to piss off a fellow mom, try telling her how she should raise her kids. (Yeah, that will start World War III real quick.) Tons of mommies are outraged over this parenting poster they feel scolds them for not spending every waking minute with their children. And while I do agree that such signage doesn't make you want to come to the Kumbaya circle, I do think whoever made it has a point.


Please, put your daggers away, and save them keystrokes for later. I said the maker of this poster has a point in the message ... but the delivery -- including printing out tons of these posters and stapling them throughout a San Francisco neighborhood -- is #TeamTooMuch for me.

In case you can't read what this mysterious "do-gooder" wrote, here's what the poster says:


Put down your phone. Stop checking email. Limit screen time. Turn off your TV. Read books. Good outside. Enjoy!

You know what? I can kinda dig this -- the message of limiting screen time, that is.

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Listen, I'm a mom of two little ones myself (I got 2-year-old and 9-month-old boys), and I know 100 percent how real the struggle is and can be. Plus, I work from home with said boys, who always keep me on my feet. Between running around to make sure their needs are met, work, and making sure the house isn't burned down, you better believe I enjoy those precious "me time" moments where I find myself playing Clue Bingo or that CSI game on my phone. (It's pretty awesome.)

But, that doesn't mean I don't sometimes feel convicted to put away all smart devices. And to "keep it real," as folks say today, I think society as a whole would benefit from a reminder to lift your face up from the screen and enjoy what's around you.

I was just talking to my husband the other day about how easy it is to get so caught up in trying to get a break that, ultimately, you end up staying glued to your cell phone for longer than you wanted. Sure, checking an email or two and playing a round of Candy Crush won't result in your kid speaking to a shrink (let's hope not), but it could create a habit where your internal reminder to put away your phone becomes less and less audible.

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I've seen it happen where mom friends (strangers too) are so fixated on their gadgets that they can't seem to part ways with their beloved devices -- even when pushing their kid on the swing, out with LO at lunch, or trying to be engaged at a mommy and me event. (I've also seen some people walk into streetlights and parked cars because they failed to look up -- but that's a different story for a different day.) Does this make them horrible parents who deserve to have their kids taken away? Absolutely not. (Gosh, if we're honest with ourselves, all of us are guilty of this at some point.)

All I'm saying is that there's nothing wrong with getting back to the basics and spending quality time that's not interrupted by constantly checking your phone, or watching TV. And I'm not saying because I agree with most of this poster that you are or are not spending what's deemed as quality time with your child. Only you know that.

I dunno. I try my best not to take offense to too many things in life (it's a HUGE work in progress, but I'm trying) -- and if I saw this sign while walking down the street, it would likely make me think about my own situation, and whether or not I could make a few tweaks to spend more uniterrupted time with my kiddos.

Then again, if I was on my phone, I likely would've missed it. (I'm joking -- it's okay to laugh.)

Take away what some consider to be an abrasive tone and all you have left are some basic ways to bond with your kid. I don't think any of us would get mad at the idea of limiting screen time and picking up a book to read with LO.

(Okay, now I'm ready for the daggers.)




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