New Mom Who Gave Her Baby Whooping Cough Wishes She Could 'Turn Back Time' (VIDEO)

Mom shares heartbreaking story of giving infant daughter whopping cough

Every expectant mom will be faced with a series of decisions that will not only impact her future, but also that of her baby. Cormit is an Australian mom with a frightening whooping cough warning she wants all future mothers to hear.


Sadly, Cormit's infant daughter Eva is battling pertussis that Mom gave her. Opting not to take the recommended vaccination when she was 28 weeks pregnant, Cormit was later shocked when she discovered she had whooping cough. Her video confession on the Gold Coast Health Facebook page is a huge wake-up call to us all that deserves a listen.


'If I could turn back time I would protect myself.' Cormit's baby has contracted Whooping Cough. Watch this clip to hear the first-time mum bravely talk about her decision to opt out of vaccination during pregnancy and how hard it is now coping with her new baby being so unwell. For the facts on Immunisation go to #vaccinationmatters #immunisation #preventabledisease #GoldCoast #publichealth

Posted by Gold Coast Health on Monday, April 4, 2016

"If I could turn back time, I would've protected myself."

Vaccinations can be a touchy subject for mothers. Some believe in the powers of medicine -- and protecting your child from preventable diseases. Others, however, strongly feel said drugs can be counterintuitive, and cause more harm than good.

As Cormit explains:

I was offered the injection in week 28. And, being the healthy, fit, organic woman that I am, I said, 'Leave me alone -- I don't need this crap.' And, even me, the bulletproof lady that's never been to a doctor, traveled the world, and felt healthy got whopping cough.

So sad.

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Hearing about Cormit's story, and the details -- including baby Eva's fight to breathe and eat without discomfort -- sends chills up my spine. It's beyond disheartening to think about a little one suffering in this way, and for so long. (Eva has been in the hospital for over a month as she needs oxygen to breathe every hour.)

I commend Cormit for coming forward and sharing her story. One can only imagine the amount of guilt and fear this mother experiences as she watches her poor baby turn blue and appear lifeless, day in and day out. I truly hope little Eva gets better.

Whether you decide to give the green light to vaccinations or not, at the very least, I think it's worth it for mommies everywhere to listen to Cormit's story.

It just might save a life.




Image via Gold Coast Health/Facebook

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