Gym Daycare Gives Baby a Stranger's Breast Milk -- and Mom Is Not Happy

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Don't piss off mama! Tyler Treasure is a Washington state mother who's not happy with her fitness center ... at all. In fact, the new mom is fighting mad that gym employees gave her son some stranger's breast milk -- and she's concerned about the potential dangers that come with it.



In a case of the oops, staff at the daycare inside Tyler's gym accidentally gave her 4-month-old son Hunter a bottle. Unfortunately, Tyler didn't send a bottle for Hunter.

And while you might think it's no big deal, Tyler -- and probably a few other moms -- would beg to differ. Tyler told KATU News:

I felt really hurt and betrayed. I work at a daycare, so I know the laws about that, especially breast milk. It's supposed to be labeled, and it wasn't.

I'll admit, the concept of one of my boys drinking someone else's breast milk likely wouldn't put a smile on my face. So I can understand most of Tyler's emotions as she likely had a WTF moment after a sweat session in a group class or maneuvering gym equipment. Seeing your kid being fed with a bottle -- especially when you never supplied one in the first place -- would make a mom do a double take.

Would you be able to forgive and move on, or do you think an accident like this deserves additional measures, for the sake of safety?

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According to Tyler, she wants to be extra cautious that her baby boy Hunter wasn't exposed to anything dangerous.

As Mom says:

I want my son to be tested. I want them to test the mother and make sure my son doesn't have any diseases and that she's not on drugs or alcohol, because any of that would have been transferred to my son

Personally, I'm not sure if I would go that far -- but I'm not saying I don't understand Tyler's worries, or the worries of any other mother faced with this situation. Thankfully, the CDC states there's an "extremely small" chance for babies to contract infectious diseases from a single bottle of milk. (Hopefully this bit of info will relax some of Tyler's worries.)

Unfortunately, accidents can and will happen. I don't think the gym employees involved did anything malicious, and they are probably very sorry about the matter. Still, I won't take away a mother's feelings or her desire to be safe rather than sorry.

Little Hunter appears to be okay, so hopefully it stays that way!




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