Mom Nails Our Desperation to Keep a Sleepy Toddler Awake in the Car (VIDEO)

Author Bunmi Laditan hilariously portrays what it's like to try and keep a toddler awake in the car

Ooh, child. Can we talk for a moment about the struggle known as trying to keep a sleepy child awake in the car because you know if said child gets off his or her nap schedule, your special LO will transform into a terror that requires all the Avengers to assemble? (Yeah, the struggle is real.) Here to illustrate moms' desperate attempts to keep a toddler awake on the ride home is author and parenting mastermind Bunmi Laditan.


"Hey, whatcha doing there, sleepy head? We don't fall asleep in the car."

With three kids of her own, Bunmi knows all too well what happens if and when a child decides to take a nap in the car -- and it's not always pretty. This is why Bunmi's Facebook video is so hilarious, because we've all been here.

Trying To Keep Your Toddler From Falling Asleep In The Car

This is me trying to keep my toddler from falling asleep in the car.

Posted by Bunmi Laditan on Monday, March 21, 2016

You gotta give Bunmi credit; she tried just about any and everything.

"Look, Mommy sees a plane."

"Want some candy? Mommy has candy, baby."

"Do you want Jesus to love you?"

Bunmi's "story," however, is what takes the cake for me:

Let me tell you a story, honey. Once upon a time, there was a baby who fell asleep in the car, and when Mommy didn't get her 'me time,' she snapped.

Haha, OMG. I've been here ... sooo many times!

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Obviously, Bunmi was joking around when she made this video, but that doesn't mean there's not some truth here. As the author of the hilarious -- and oh so true -- reads Toddlers Are A**holes: It's Not Your Fault and The Honest Toddler, this wife and mom knows a thing or two about doing whatever you can to make sure your son or daughter stays on schedule.

As Bunmi mentioned in the Facebook comments of this video:

And it's not just that they [sleepy kids] will skip the nap, they [same sleepy kids] will skip the nap and be tired/angry/a hot damn ugly mess ALL day.

I can only testify to this sometimes-daily fight that my husband and I have with our 2-year-old son.

If we could only get home fast enough.




Image via Bunmi Laditan/Facebook

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