5-Year-Old Girl Is Caught on Camera Saving Her Mom From Drowning (VIDEO)

Drowning mom saved by 5-year-oldMost parents want their children to be strong swimmers so they know how to take care of themselves in the water. But what if it turned out that your child ending up saving you? A 5-year-old girl in Texas pulled her drowning mom to the shallow end of their backyard pool and ended up saving her life -- and it was all caught on video.


Allison Anderwald was playing a game of Marco Polo with her mom, Tracy, when the 34-year-old suffered a seizure. As you can see on this amazing home footage, Allison bravely pulls her mom to safety and then runs to call for help.

It will give you chills to watch this brave little girl -- who had to be terrified -- as she calmly springs into action as the seconds tick by.

Amazing, isn't she? Allison, dubbed the family's "little mermaid" and "little hero," began swimming when she was a toddler. Thankfully she's so comfortable in the water that she wasn't afraid to swim out and save her mom. She also knew her mom had been under too long and successfully rolled her over in the shallow end.

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Fortunately this story had a wonderful outcome, but it also serves as an important cautionary tale for those who put off having their kids learn to swim. Anderwald is sharing their experience in the hopes that it will raise awareness about water safety and how to prepare for a water-related emergency.

Sure, it can be a pain driving little ones to and from lessons. Sometimes the water is cold and you have to stand on the sidelines begging them to "Get! In! The! Pool!" And the locker rooms always have a wet, funky odor, don't they?

I know I almost gave up on my son's swimming lessons when his class followed a senior water aerobics class in which some of these senior gals were very comfortable with their own nudity!

When my 5-year-old blurted out, "Look at that big, white tushie!" while pointing to the full moon we were receiving, believe me, I wanted to quit those lessons immediately. But knowing it could be a matter of life or death, we pressed on.

Whether you have a pool in your backyard or only swim once a year, teaching kids to swim is crucial, and, who knows, it may just end up saving your life too.


Image via Funny Solution Studio/shutterstock

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