Every Mom Could Use This Device to Prevent Kids From Dying in Hot Cars -- Even You

carseatEvery summer, there are far too many news stories about babies and kids being accidentally locked in hot cars -- and all too often, those stories end in tragedy. It's heartbreaking every time, and it's something that could happen to any parent, no matter how conscientious. That's why Tampa-based dads Fadi Shamma and Jim Friedman invented a new sensor that could help to make sure no child is ever forgotten in the car again.


Called "Sense-a-Life," the system actually uses two sensors -- one under the child in his seat and another near the driver's side door -- to give a voice alert reminding drivers to take the child out when the door is open. The driver is also sent a phone alert; if that's ignored for a certain amount of time, a backup alert can be sent to another parent or guardian. 

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Pretty brilliant, right? Because while all of us would love to believe that we would never forget our child in the car, if you've ever seen or read an interview with a parent who did just that, well, it's pretty clear that everyone believes it won't happen to them ... until it does. And I give a lot of credit to Shamma and Friedman for trying to think of a solution, instead of just shaking their heads at these tragedies and saying, "How could anyone do such a thing?"

Parents aren't perfect. Accidents happen. Condemning parents for their mistakes won't help anyone, but trying to look for ways to prevent those mistakes will!

As Shamma explained to FOX 13:

We were tired of hearing all these sad stories and seeing the agony on parents' faces and we decided that this is such a serious problem that could probably be solved with a simple solution.

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Simple, but life-saving. And considering that at least 30 children died from heat strokes in cars in 2014, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it could save a lot of lives.

Shamma and Friedman are currently seeking investors to help make Sense-a-Life a reality and are planning on starting a Kickstarter campaign soon. Here's hoping they get the funding they need -- this is one idea that's definitely worth the money!



Image via Inga Munsinger Cotton/Flickr

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