12-Year-Old Girl Arrested & Charged With Battery ... for Pinching Boy's Butt

Row of Lockers in School Hall

Gone are the days when kids used to play pranks on each other that would earn a laugh or two. Nowadays, you just might head to juvenile detention. (No, really.) People are still scratching their heads as to why a 12-year-old tween was arrested for pinching a boy's butt. Breana Evans admits that she was playing a game she heard about at Milwee Middle School in Florida, and that she regrets her decision. As a parent, you have to ask: Does the punishment fit the crime?


(I'm going to go out on a limb here and say no.)

Like me, you probably have some trouble wondering why on earth a 12-year-old would get arrested, booked into juvenile detention center, and charged with misdemeanor battery ... all for giving a quick tug on a fellow schoolmate's butt. And, yes, it's important for none of our children to ever feel violated, but to take things to this level -- especially when the boy involved said he didn't want to press charges -- is #TeamTooMuch.

Luckily, Breana doesn't have to worry about her arrest staying on her record. So long as she completes a diversion program, does a little community service, and, um, passes a drug test (yes, a drug test), the Seminole County state attorney would be more than happy to wipe Breana's slate clean.


Wow, oh, wow. Where the heck do we even begin with this? For starters, this is soo excessive and soo extra that it wastes not only manpower but also resources that could've been used to find and capture real predators. (For goodness's sake, we're talking about a 12-year-old here. A middle-schooler.)

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Now, I won't argue that something needs to be done when anyone violates the body and/or personal space of another. The boy involved had every right to go to the school resource officer. As the mother of two little gentlemen-in-training, I sometimes feel like certain things done to boys get a smile, or brushed off like no big deal. And, as much as I might agree with this boy's mother that this shouldn't go unnoticed, I'm finding it very hard to give the thumbs-up to advocating for Breana to get arrested -- and face charges.


I think detention or something along those lines would've been better ...




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