Total Stranger Shows Up to Visit New Mom in Hospital Thanks to Accidental Text

Georgia mom receives unexpected visitors after delivering baby

"Sorry, wrong number": It's something we've all been guilty of saying at some point in our lives, but man, this story is something you'd never expect to happen. After receiving a group text about the birth of a new baby, a stranger decided to visit Mom in the hospital.


No, for real!

While Lindsey and her husband, Mark Lashley, were awaiting the arrival of their little one, one of their family members decided it was a good idea to shoot a group text to loved ones -- you know, to keep everyone in the loop on updates. Well, that's nothing out of the ordinary, but, child, what happened next will blow your mind.

(Seriously, though, you couldn't script this.)

Little did the family member texting know, but Deorick Williams was now in the mix, and he is a guy no one knew. Receiving updates about how far Lindsey was dilated, Deorick couldn't help but respond.

"Congrats lol but I think someone got the wrong number," wrote Williams.

And, guess what? No one paid attention to the fact that a random person was in the group chat! But, wait, there's more!

With more and more texts continuing to come in, Deorick likely said to himself, You know what, let me just head to the hospital and pay my respects. In fact, he had no problem letting the Lashley clan know he was on his way.

"Well, I don't know y'all, but me and the boys will be thru to take [a] picture with the baby," responded Williams.

Georgia mom receives unexpected visitors after delivering baby


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Seeing as no one seemed to be bothered by Deorick, he asked for Mom's room number.

"130, come on and see us," answered the family member.

Georgia mom receives unexpected visitors after delivering baby

Haha, OMG!

Welp, Deorick and his brother made good on their promise -- and even brought gifts!

Georgia mom receives unexpected visitors after delivering baby

Obviously, Deorick's impromptu visit touched the Lashleys.

Here's some of what a family member wrote:

I accidentally text a message about Mark and Lindsey having a baby to a number I had in my phone for someone else, which now belongs to Mr. Dennis Williams [Ed. note: his name is actually Deorick Williams] and he and his brother came by to visit us and brought the baby a gift! What a blessing these two guys were to our family. They were so sweet and kind to do this! You 2 are great guys, and thank you for giving to someone you didn't know!

Aww. In the words of George Takei, "Oh, my!"

This had the potential to go so far south. Thankfully, it didn't, which makes it an even sweeter story.

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I can't believe Deorick actually went to the hospital! Most folks would probably say, "I don't know y'all, please take me off this group text," but not this guy. (PS: Deorick, I don't know what gift you and your brother gave, but that was a super sweet gesture.)

Ooh man, I can only imagine the look Lindsey and Mark had when total strangers showed up to their hospital room.

Let's just file this as and #Thankgoodnessforahappyending.



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