Mom of Teen Declared Brain-Dead Refuses to Give Up on 'Healthy & Beautiful' Child

jahi mcmath's mom posts update on brain-dead daugherTalk about keeping the faith! The mother of Jahi McMath, an Oakland, California, teen who was declared brain-dead more than two years ago, says her daughter is as "healthy and beautiful as ever" in a post shared on the "Keep Jahi McMath on life support" Facebook page.


After a routine surgery to remove Jahi's tonsils and remedy her sleep apnea went awry, Jahi's family received the devastating news in December of 2013. But her mother, Nailah Winkfield, has refused to give up hope that her daughter will emerge on the other side of this heartbreaking diagnosis.

Winkfield is convinced the 15-year-old will "prove the naysayers wrong." Referring to her daughter as "a fighter, a warrior, a blessed child," this devoted mom is asking for prayers for her daughter's recovery.

Unfortunately, the photo that was shared on the support page was removed -- possibly due to so many negative comments, as this pinned post alludes to:

This page was created to support this lovely child, Jahi McMath and her family, if you are here to spew your negative...

Posted by Keep Jahi Mcmath on life support on Sunday, March 20, 2016

This poor family. It's fair to say that any parent in this mom's shoes would also be hoping for a miracle. And, let's be honest, there have been cases that have completely defied science and rational explanations.

When you look at the love this mother has for her daughter, you cannot blame her one bit for wanting to believe that another outcome is possible.

Jahi and her mother Nailah sending their love to you. Nailah loves you all and thanks you for your love, especially the...

Posted by Keep Jahi Mcmath on life support on Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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Unfortunately, there's no way to know if Jahi could regain consciousness, or, if in the time her family is patiently waiting, medical advances could find a way to restore her to the vivacious teen she once was. 

There are no easy answers in this heartbreaking situation. All we really can do is pray for this family to find peace, and hope that we're never placed in as difficult a position as these parents are in.


Images via Keep Jahi Mcmath on life support/Facebook

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