Watch 9 Months in 9 Seconds -- If Only Pregnancy Was This Fast in Real Life

belly and hands of pregnant woman in dark colors

Being pregnant can go one of two ways: You either think time flew by before you were screaming and hollering during delivery, or you wanted to gouge out your eyes with one of those medieval branding thingies because your little bean took forever to bake. Sorry to tell ya, but there's almost no getting around that whole nine-months thing. That's what makes this mom's nine-second pregnancy video all the more enjoyable.


If only it would happen this fast, right?

No back aches or crazy joint pains; no trying to keep your balance with doing just about everything.

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Don't you feel like you're going to hear a kitchen timer go off in the background?


Baby's ready!

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Honestly, I had pretty awesome pregnancies -- but that doesn't mean I would opt to wobble around if I didn't have to. Then again, doing a few twirls in place before a baby pops out is a little odd too, haha.

Cute video, Mom!


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