Of Course This Mom Is Furious That Her 5-Year-Old Got Paddled at School

Some school districts in Texas still allow corporal punishment, which can include spanking, paddling, and caning -- if the parents or legal guardian of a student give permission. In the case of a 5-year-old who was recently paddled during his school day, his parents say they did not give permission. And they are angry.


I've never been a spanker. I have nothing against parents who choose to discipline this way -- it was just never a method I was interested in. I much prefer giving The Death Glare™ and taking away privileges. But what I really can't understand is letting someone else do your disciplining for you, as in spanking your kid. If your kid is behaving so atrociously in school that a teacher feels the need to lay hands on him, you should probably have your kid's behavior evaluated. Teachers have enough to worry about. 

The mother of this North Texas kindergarten student who was disciplined this way claims that when the school, part of the DeSoto Independent School District, had her fill out the form asking if corporal punishment was allowed, she checked the box marked "no" and added asterisks. Everyone knows that asterisks means no no no no no no. And a few more nos.

But according to the report, her son was taken into a room, his hands were held down, and he was beaten with a wooden object. The reason for this treatment?

Because another student claimed he stuck out his tongue at the teacher.

I'm sorry, but there is no way that deserves a spanking. And as someone who has spent a lot of time with 5-year-olds, I can tell you they aren't exactly the most reliable witnesses. 

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Now her kid is afraid to go back to school, which is totally understandable! It's one thing to explain to your kid, "Hey, I have given your teacher permission to hit you if you act up, so come correct" -- and another to fill out a form saying you never want your kid hit and then have to deal with this. 

The assistant superintendent of the school district says that no plans have been made to fire the teacher and that they will have new training on handling the protocol. Meanwhile, the parents of the little 5-year-old have been homeschooling him and have consulted an attorney. 

Can't say that I blame them. 

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