The Average Age of First-Time Moms Around the World

The Average Age of First-Time Moms Around the World
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It might seem as if women in the US have been waiting longer and longer to start families in recent years, but according to a new chart illustrating ages of first-time moms around the world (created using data from the CIA World Factbook, UNICEF, and the China Sixth Nationwide Census), there are plenty of countries across the globe where women are waiting even longer than they are here -- and plenty of others where they're having their first babies much younger. 

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And while some of the birth trends are somewhat predictable (more developed countries tend to have older first-time moms, while the majority of countries with very young moms are in less-industrialized nations), some of the statistics might be surprising!

So what is the normal age for women to start having children? The answer has so many variables it's hard to give a definitive answer. Factors like access to water, availability to family planning services, and even cultural norms can greatly change how old a woman is when she gives birth from country to country. 

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It's a fascinating subject that might just change how one thinks about birth here in the United States. Check out our slideshow to find out more.

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