You Totally Want to Hug This Little 'Karate Kid' Who Tries to Keep His Cool (VIDEO)

Video of boy breaking wood goes viral

Mind over matter, they tell you. No pain, no gain, they say. No matter how many pep talks you receive, all of those encouraging words go out the window when a tough obstacle stares you in the face -- like a solid piece of wood. The most adorable little karate kid hurt himself breaking a board, and the Internet can't help but say "Aw!"


The unnamed martial arts aficionado kept his cool after he broke a wood board with his hand. And just when things looked okay, pain started to surface when he got back in line. 

Oh. My. Word!

I totally feel your pain, little dude. Growing up, I can remember events like this where I had to break a board. Sometimes you didn't feel a thing, and other times, you wanted to scream bloody murder -- but you had to play it cool, so folks wouldn't see you sweat.

And even though I do MMA (that's mixed martial arts to those who aren't hip to the game), the mother in me wants to hug this little boy ... and beat the sh-- out of an already broken board.

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Don't you hurt my baby! Kiyaaahhh!!

Honestly, breaking boards to prove your strength went out with the original Karate Kid. (At least in my opinion.) But such is life, I guess.

Cheer up, little guy.



Image via Kyoot Kids/YouTube

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