Mom Breastfeeding at Sanders Rally Has Our Vote #BoobsForBernie

Breastfeeding mom becomes Internet sensation at Bernie Sanders rally

When you're a nursing mama, there's a good chance you'll need to feed your baby ... like, right now. When Margaret "Elle" Bradford took her 6-month-old daughter Harper to a Bernie Sanders's rally recently, the mom of three probably had an inkling her little girl would need a calcium boost. What Margaret didn't expect was to become an Internet sensation. The photo of this Ohio mother breastfeeding her child at a political rally is such a win for mothers everywhere.


Sitting just feet away from the presidential hopeful, Margaret didn't think twice about nursing sweet Harper -- even in the presence of thousands. Never in a million years did she expect for a photo of her impromptu breastfeeding session to go viral.

And, guess what?

Bernie Sanders approves this message. (No, really, he and his wife Jane thanked Elle.)

Margaret has literally become the face of public breastfeeding (baby Harper is officially now an adorable poster child) and continues to receive so much praise for her decision. Feeling the momentum, Mom hasn't been taking her newfound platform for granted, and has rebranded a popular hashtag, in honor of her stance on public breastfeeding and love for the Bern.

So my boobs went viral today but it's okay because it was for Bernie Sanders. That being said, #boobsforBernie should be a thing. Fellow breastfeeders, I'm looking at you.

Posted by Margaret Ellen Bradford on Monday, February 29, 2016


In case you didn't know, there's a #boobsforBernie Facebook group that lends support to the Bernmeister with the help of some of their best assets.

As a fellow breastfeeding mom and possible Bernie supporter (I'm still trying to weed through all candidates), I'd totally vote Margaret's version of the hashtag. It's so catchy, and goes perfectly with the whole nursing thing. (Boobies. Breastfeeding. I get it.)

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Public breastfeeding has been such a hot-topic discussion in our society. Some are for it, while others can't believe a mother would do such a thing in the presence of onlookers.

Personally, I just don't see the big deal.

You have to admit, it's pretty funny how public breastfeeding is now associated with a political campaign. One can only hope it will spark dialogue between the candidates in efforts to make it become less of a "thing" in society.

Margaret, your boobs may have started a revolution.




Image via newsnet5 Cleveland

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