Birthday Boy Blows Out Candles & Wishes for New Mommy ... Yikes! (VIDEO)

Super fun (and a little mean) video goes viral

Kids, they really do say the darndest things. Sometimes, they're super sweet and tell you just what you need to hear. And other times, their words really suck ... like, really suck. This little boy's viral birthday wish is funny and kinda sad at the same damn time.


You might think what you're about to see is some ordinary birthday gathering. Cake, happy little dude of the hour, and a few onlookers.

What could go wrong, you might ask. Well ... just wait until you hear the birthday boy's wish.


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"I wish ... for a new mommy."

OMG, LOL -- and I totally mean that with one of those awkward, are-we-supposed-to-be-laughing-at-this "haha" cries.

I really hope Mom has a sense of humor about this. I'm sure her son doesn't really want a new mommy.

And if he happens to be serious, well, he might want to rethink that whole thing. Sure, it's cute and laughable now, but in the future, as a teen, oh boy, don't try that at home.

You just might get your bags packed for you and sent on your way.

Maybe Mom's boy wants a new mommy because he didn't get the toy he wanted for his birthday. Maybe he hates chocolate cake, or wanted that super cool ice cream one that melts before you make it home.

Or, maybe he loves his mother soo much that he sees how tired Mom gets and wants another one to help her out.

Honestly, I don't know the answer, but this was funny!

Sorry for laughing ...



Image via Kyoot Kids/YouTube

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