12-Year-Old Girl Arrested for Using 'Threatening' Emojis

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Thanks to technology, we can now express ourselves without even uttering a word. And while that certainly has its perks, it can also come with a few setbacks -- including trouble with the law. Police arrested a 12-year-old girl for using emojis they think were threatening the well-being of her peers.



Charged with making threats and computer harassment, the girl, who remains unnamed (she is a child), allegedly sent an Instagram message back in December to another student in Sidney Lanier Middle School in Fairfax, Virginia.

Now, this might sound harmless, but authorities are trying to gauge how serious of a matter it is -- seeing as the 12-year-old used knives, bombs, and gun emojis. And, to make matters worse, the tween sent the message -- which read "Killing [gun emoji] meet me in the library Tuesday [gun emoji, knife emoji, bomb emoji]" -- under another student's name. (Her mom says it was in response to bullying.)

No bueno.

My, things have certainly changed since I was in school. Just the thought of emojis landing me in court (or jail) makes my head spin. Sadly, we live in a time where unthinkable events occur, both in and out of schools. Authorities now have to look at every little thing, no matter how silly we think it might be.

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Man, this one is tough ... and makes me think about the sit-down I'm going to have to have with my boys when they grow up. In this day and age, threats are very real, even if you don't have any intention of acting on them. With so many troubling news headlines about school shootings and events, it's only inevitable for officials to question whether or not certain things have deeper meanings.

I feel for the 12-year-old girl and her family. I also feel for the family of the student who felt threatened.

Goodness, this is very sad.



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