Baby's Life-Saving Heart Transplant Shows the Bittersweet Beauty of Organ Donation

Baby born with birth defects receives donor heart at the very last minute

When faced with the inconceivable reality they might lose their son, Mindy and Rob Seay could only hold on to the hope that somehow, things would work out in their favor. Thankfully, they did. Lincoln Seay is a 7-month-old baby who received a last-minute heart transplant that saved his life.


The only reason why baby Lincoln is able to see another day is because he received a heart transplant, and his parents are beyond grateful. In fact, Rob and Mindy hope their story inspires other people to think about becoming donors.

Born with a rare birth defect, little Lincoln has been fighting his way through surgeries and complications. Waiting since last November for a donor heart, Lincoln received one ... but time was running out.

Most of us can't even fathom how Lincoln's parents were able to cope through this difficult time. Just days before receiving his heart, Lincoln started turning purple -- and he even went into cardiac arrest on the surgery table as he was waiting for his miracle organ. (A doctor had to pump Lincoln's heart by hand ... so scary.)

Man ...

To say that baby Lincoln had a life-saving heart transplant at the last hour would be an understatement. And as thankful as I am that the Seay family has their happy ending, this story also makes me think about loved ones who lost the baby that saved Lincoln's life.

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Hearing about stories like this make me feel so incredibly uncomfortable. As a mother of two little boys (ages 2 and 9 months), I can't even begin to imagine what families like the Seays go through on a day-to-day basis.

The concept of young children donating organs is unfathomable but, sadly, something that happens and is needed.

If my family is ever faced with the unimaginable, I would want my children (myself included) to be able to save someone else's life, so that their loved ones would never have to experience such a loss.

This is such a bittersweet story ...





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