Woman Breastfeeding in Public Receives Unexpected Gift From a 'Future Mom'

Random act of kindness towards public breastfeeding mom goes viral

There are some awesome people in this world who really help make it a better place. And guess what? In this story, that totally cool person happens to be a student. A pro-breastfeeding viral photo is causing all sorts of discussion -- especially because the lady who praised Mom for nursing her child in public turned out to be in college.


Yeah, you're gonna love this.

Posted on the peaceful parenting Facebook page is a sweet gesture from an unnamed college student. After viewing a mother nursing her child while in Chipotle, the scholar couldn't help but give Mom the thumbs-up -- in the form of a sweet note and gift card (double score!).

#NIP Katy writes, "Friends of mine were at Chipotle today and it was packed with students from a nearby college. One...

Posted by peaceful parenting on Friday, February 19, 2016

Can you read what it says? If not, here it is:

"Thank you for breastfeeding in public -- helping reduce the stigma for future moms like me. You rock!"

Aww, this makes me smile so much! For starters, I have a sister who's a junior in college (hey, Brie!). To think that someone her age would go out of her way to praise a mom for breastfeeding in public is pretty sweet.

Plus, the college student gave some of her money to Mom?!

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I mean, for the most part, college kids are more concerned about cramming for an exam, how much laundry they can stuff in their suitcase when they visit home, and whether or not they received a good amount of chicken in their burrito. (Hey, the kids were at Chipotle. I'm just keeping it 100, 'kay?)

This was likely something very unexpected that I'm sure made Mom feel like a rock star. Man, what an encouraging story.

Guess you never know how your actions pay it forward.




Image via peaceful parenting/Facebook

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