Chris Rock Wins Dad of the Year for Hocking Girl Scout Cookies at the Oscars (VIDEO)

If you have a daughter involved in the Girl Scouts, you know the pain (and joy!) of selling cookies all too well. Well, super dad Chris Rock decided to sell his daughters' Girl Scout cookies during the Academy Awards on Sunday night and made their troop a whopping $65,243. 


We all know how the competition to sell the most cookies can get fierce. And it sure helps to have a daddy in a job where he can force all of his coworkers to buy some delicious cookies. 

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How adorable was that idea? Rock took to Instagram to post photos of the rehearsal: 

Wasn't as hard as I thought it would be... #oscars

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And then he shared this vid of a special Oscars guest who needed to get his hands on some yummy cookies. 

Biden gave me $20 for cookies... #Oscars

A video posted by Chris Rock (@chrisrock) on

As you can imagine, the Girl Scouts were pretty pleased about all of this. 

And we bet Rock's daughters, Lola Simone, 13, and Zahra Savannah, 11, loved it, too -- even though they weren't part of the troup collecting money from movies stars (DAAAADDD!!!).

We did kind of wonder how Rock's rival cookie-seller -- fellow troop mom Linda Dunn -- felt about all this. After all, Rock actually called her out during the segment and admit he was doing this to finally beat her! And we quote: "It would mean so much to my two little girls if we could beat Linda Dunn!"

Any mom who'se ever gotten a little competitive over this Girl Scout cookie thing can relate, right?

What did Dunn think about all this? She took in in stride.

"He is nuts," Dunn told New York Daily News, but then she added: "It was all fun and all for a great cause."

What a great cause, indeed -- and what a great dad!


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