Teacher Makes 7-Year-Old Sit in Soiled Pants All Day & When Dad Complains, He's Arrested

Brooklyn dad is arrested after asking questions to teacher why his son sat in feces all day

Since when does asking questions about your child's well-being warrant an arrest? You might think this story is the plot for some Shonda Rhimes show, but it's not --  that's exactly what happened to Brooklyn dad Vincent Nemonin. Parents are beyond outraged that a father was arrested after questioning a teacher about his 7-year-old son's right to use the bathroom -- and why the poor boy sat in soiled clothes for the entire day ... for the second time this school year.


Yup, just let that sink in for a moment.

A second-grader at PS 193 in Brooklyn, New York, who had authorized instruction in his file to use the bathroom, was forbidden by his teacher to go, and thus, soaked his clothes. According to the PS 193 Parents' Association Facebook page, no one changed him. No one called his parents that whole day (they didn't find out until it was time to pick up their son). And, it sure looks like, no one cared.

But wait, there's more!

The PS 193' Parents Association Facebook page also reveals that prior to this incident, the same 7-year-old boy asked his teacher to go to the bathroom, was told no, and sat in soiled clothes the whole day in school -- only this time, it wasn't pee, it was feces.

Brooklyn Father Arrested After His Child Denied Bathroom Again!Baseball player Gil Hodges represented the best in...

Posted by PS 193 Parents' Association on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Obviously, Mom and Dad aren't going to be super thrilled to hear news their child sat in dirty clothes. So when Vincent saw his son's teacher on the sidewalk before school started the following day, like most caring parents, he wanted to know why. Add the school principal allegedly jumping into the conversation, and the end result is not a father getting answers, but something a parent would never expect.

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Dad received a phone call from New York City police later that day asking him to return to PS 193. Heading back to school with his wife, Yumi Nemonin, Vincent was arrested ... because the teacher said she feared for her life.

Vincent's wife Yumi filmed his arrest, including him slipping and hitting his head trying to get into the van. Yumi and other parents were asked by police to leave the sidewalk, or face disorderly conduct charges.

Parents of PS 193 students have rallied to show support for Vincent, and disgust of school officials for letting things get out of hand in the first place.

... Wow. I honestly don't know where to start with this one.

It's absurd to me (and that's putting it very nicely) that a parent would get arrested -- and not the teacher for allowing a child to sit in their own waste, not once, but twice. No parent should ever have to fear arrest for trying to get some answers from their child's school.

And what's with all this "I feared for my life" stuff going around? Yes, I get that there are certain situations where you feel you'll never be able to make it home and kiss your babies ... but does that mean we apply that to all situations -- no matter how uncomfortable they might be -- and get someone arrested?

Plus, the principal was there with you, not to mention a ton of adults and children, seeing as school was just about to start. I highly doubt Vincent was looking to catch a case in broad daylight, get arrested for a crime, and possibly lose his job (or face jail time) because of it -- but hey, most of that already happened for asking a few questions.

*Eye roll*

Look, I've been in public disagreements with others (movie theater, aisle in Target), but guess what, I'm not calling the cops. And what about those times when some random person drove all the way up my driveway when I'm home by myself. Living in an open carry state, I'm sure I could've used the same excuse to officers, but I'm not trigger-happy, and don't believe in going from zero to 60.

And, to top it off, there are no reports or eye-witness accounts that Dad tried to lift a school bus and throw it on the teacher, chase her down the street, or tried to practice some UFC move.

Moving on ...

This whole damn thing is a mess. I truly hope Vincent doesn't lose his job or face any serious ramifications because of this incident. And I hope that his 7-year-old son -- and others in this school, who might've experienced similar events -- never face anything like this again.

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It's disgraceful things had to get this far. Our children deserve school officials who keep their best interests at heart ... not people who overlook the unthinkable, and then call authorities when a parent has an issue with it.

I still can't believe this story!

Mental note: Let my husband do all the talking at school (wait, someone might think he looks aggresive in his polo and khakis, and call the cops), because I already know what would happen to me.

Shameful, shameful, shameful.





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