Woman Receives a New Uterus -- & Hope for a Baby -- In Groundbreaking Surgery

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There are certain dates in history that we remember for so many reasons. On Thursday, February 25, surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic  in Ohio, reported they successfully completed the first-ever uterus transplant. Yeah, this is such a big deal -- and an even bigger win for women everywhere.


Doctors spent nine hours in surgery to give a 26-year-old woman a uterus from a departed organ donor. While the recipient's name and details about her background have been kept quiet, The New York Times reports she didn't have a uterus prior to the procedure.

The success of this uterus transplant could open the door for women across the country -- who were either born without a uterus, or had to have it removed -- to receive a temporary uterus that will grant them the opportunity to have a baby.

Prior to the transplant surgery, patients will need to have IVF, so doctors can transfer embryos into the donated uterus post-surgery. Ladies who receive a uterus transplant will have to wait up to a year before they try to conceive. Once Mom has had one or two children, surgeons will remove the temporary uterus and take her off medication.

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The ethics panel at the Cleveland Clinic gave the thumbs up for doctors to perform this surgery 10 times, and will later decide whether or not it will become a standard operation for screened candidates.


It's pretty awesome what we can achieve with modern science and technology. I'm amazed to hear that, in my lifetime, doctors are now able to provide women in need with a healthy uterus.

You never know the cards life will deal you. This patient is a 26-year-old woman, who probably never thought she would be able to carry a baby. Hearing about this transplant, and the opportunity it will provide women who desperately want to experience pregnancy, is quite remarkable.

This, to me, illustrates the power of a woman's heart -- and just how far she'll go to have and love a child. I can only think about ladies who've experienced major setbacks and complications in their dream for a child who would love this opportunity.

And now, mom hopefuls have it.




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