Mom's Intuition Leads Doctors to Find Toddler's Brain Tumor -- After 5 Months

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At the end of the day, a mother needs to trust her gut instinct. It just might save her baby's life. Debbie Aspery is a UK mom who hopes her daughter's story will inspire more moms to speak up if they feel something is wrong. Debbie's 2-year-old daughter went undiagnosed for a brain tumor for five months -- and doctors only found it because she never gave up insisting something was wrong. Yes, you should feel chills shooting up your body right about now.


Born in July 2013, Darcyana was your typical little girl. She loved to crawl, walk, and had no troubles reaching her milestones as they came.

The last thing that Debbie and her partner Gareth Walsh ever thought would be on their radar is something as major as a tumor, but sadly, it was.

When Darcyana was around 17 months, Mom noticed she had trouble getting out of bed,and  that quickly led to a snowball of issues -- including problems using her right hand. In a panic, Debbie turned to doctors who spent the next five months trying to figure out the problem.

It was only when Debbie thought maybe her daughter Darcyana had cerebral palsy that doctors thought to perform an MRI scan. And at 21 months, little Darcyana was diagnosed as having low-grade polycystic astrocytoma.

Thankfully, doctors were able get the toddler into surgery and remove most of the tumor. Darcyana still faces an uphill battle as she's in and out of the hospital, and had to start chemotherapy last year due to the tumor regrowing.

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There are no words to express how I would feel being in Debbie's shoes. And yet, there's something about a mother's hunch -- and listening to that inner voice -- that's extremely powerful.

As Debbi says, "Mothers know by instinct when their children are seriously ill and we can't always just accept that the medical profession will come up with the right diagnosis the first time, or even the tenth time."

Obviously, not all of us have medical degrees, no matter how much we watch Grey's Anatomy. There will be things that medical professionals catch or determine that wouldn't be evident to the average person. With that said, there are stories like Debbie's that make you so thankful to speak up.

There's great power in a mother's gut feeling.





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