Touching Video Shows Why It Matters What Kids See Their Moms & Dads Doing at Home

Generational gender stereotype video will move you to #SharetheLoad

Have you ever watched something that really touched your spirit -- like an old episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, or some movie on the Hallmark Channel? Well, this might be one of those things. A video showing the impact of generational gender stereotypes has been gaining a ton of attention, causing viewers to stop and think about the message they're sending to their kids. Tell me something -- do you #SharetheLoad?


"I'm so proud, and I'm so sorry. Sorry that you have to do this all alone."

In this video, Dad visits his daughter's home, where he quickly witnesses how she does everything ... without any help from her spouse.

This is one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen – showing how stereotypes hurt all of us and are passed from generation to generation. When little girls and boys play house they model their parents' behavior; this doesn’t just impact their childhood games, it shapes their long-term dreams.In this #SharetheLoad campaign, Ariel India, P&G, and BBDO Worldwide show how fathers and husbands can take small steps (like doing laundry) to create more equal homes. They won a #GlassLion at the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for earlier work on this campaign. The real win is the way they are changing stereotypes and showing that a more equal world would be a better world for all of us. Dads, #ShareTheLoad and #LeanInTogether for equality. Thank you Andrew Robertson, Marc Pritchard, Sonali Dhawan,Vidya Murthy, Sharat Verma, Shailesh Jejurikar, Josy Paul, and Mohammed Ismail.

Posted by Sheryl Sandberg on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Detergent company Ariel India teamed up with P&G and advertising agency BBDO to create this powerful campaign (thank you for sharing, Sheryl Sandberg!). Not only does it take a close look at how parents can raise daughters and sons differently, but it also shows the negative effects that can have down the road.

"... What you saw, you learnt. Your husband must have learned the same from his dad ... Sorry on behalf of his dad. Sorry on behalf of every dad who set the wrong example."

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Man, did anyone else get a chill or two watching this? The visuals in this video are so powerful (I keep forgetting it's a laundry commercial!).

I was so happy to see redemption, and found myself yelling to Dad, "Gon' ahead and do that laundry, sir!" What he says is so true, and important for all of us to remember:

It's not too late.

Even if something has been passed down from generation to generation, we, as parents, can do our best to break those habits and teach our children that they are more than a gender stereotype.

Seeing this video made me think about my own household, and what my husband and I want to teach our sons. Even with our cultural differences (my guy is from Panama), both of us grew up with our parents instilling in us the importance of being self-sufficient, working with your life partner, and taking care of household tasks ... even if you can't stand the laundry.

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Thankfully, our society is starting to see a shift in household "norms." In addition to more women grinding in the workforce, the idea of a stay-at-home dad -- or "full-time father" -- is becoming less and less taboo.

It's my hope that we can get to a place where the concept of a woman doing all the housework is soo back in our grandmas' day, we can't even grasp the concept.

But I'm optimistic.

I think more families are "sharing the load."



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