Woman Delivers Her Own Baby in the Car on the Way to the Hospital #ItsHandled

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No matter how much you try to prepare -- and all the details you jot down on your birth plan -- when a baby is ready to come, a baby is gonna come. Priscilla Perry Gardner and her husband Joe Gardner were ready for the arrival of their first child. After a false alarm, and with their bags by the door, the two ventured off to the hospital once it was finally go time. Nobody, however, imagined mom-to-be would deliver baby in the car.


"Yeah, she's pretty much a badass."

You think?!

Living 30 minutes away from Touro Hospital, the couple thought that all was going according to plan. There were contractions, heavy breathing, and more contractions. With just 10 minutes left before they reached the emergency room, Priscilla's water broke -- and soon, the couple's baby girl followed.

Trying her best to keep Joe calm, Priscilla sat in the passenger seat like a boss. After a few pushes, baby girl's head was completely out.  Mom was able to deliver her own child and clean LO's eyes and mouth.

As you might've guessed, Dad was in complete disbelief during the whole thing, but kept his composure and, more importantly, his eyes on the road.

Priscilla and Joe eventually reached the hospital, where their daughter, Grace Magnolia Gardner, was cared for by doctors.

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Now, I've heard of fast deliveries before -- and even getting a pizza in 30 minutes or less -- but this right here is nuts!

I'm just trying to visualize an expectant mother in labor in the car, going through contractions, and then whoomp, there baby is.


I'm so thankful that Priscilla and baby Grace are doing okay.

My goodness, this family is going to have one heck of a story to tell. Should they decide to have another child, Priscilla and Joe might want to consider getting a nearby hotel room.

Better yet, gon' ahead and check into the hospital.





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