How Freaking Cute Are These Little Girls Re-Creating Oscar-Nominated Movies? (PHOTOS)

Don't Call Me Oscar remakes

Are you excited for the Academy Awards? Maggie Storino and her daughters, Sophia, 5, Sadie, 3, and newbie Sloane, 8 months, can't seem to get enough of the festivities. Each year, the mommy/daughter duo reimagine best-picture nominees in a series of fun photos that deserves an award of its own.


Don't Call Me Oscar really needs to be bookmarked on your browser. It's full of so many adorable images that perfectly re-create popular films.

In honor of the 88th Academy Awards, Maggie got her girls into character to celebrate a few movies you probably saw in theaters (it's okay if you didn't, I won't tell).

And here, ladies and gents, are some of the nominees:


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The Big Short (Heyyy, Ryan Gosling!)

#oscarbabies #TheBigShortMovie

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The Martian (I must say, baby Sloane gives Matt Damon a run for his money in the cute department.)

#oscarbabies #TheMartian

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This. Is. Precious!

What a super fun tradition to have with your kids. Not only can they look back at the awesome memories they made, but, come on, these are pretty darn great!

I sure as heck wouldn't think to do this.

Even though Maggie and her daughters are nominated for any awards, they definitely get an A for effort in my book!




Image via dontcallmeoscar/Instagram

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