Dying Twin Holds Sister's Hand in Heartbreaking Ultrasound

McIntire twins Sonogram

A couple expecting twins found out one of their babies isn't going to make it ... but they're taking comfort in an incredible sonogram showing their twins holding hands in utero.


Brittani and Ian McIntire say they got quite a surprise when they heard not one, but two heartbeats at an early prenatal visit. Twins! A boy and a girl, whom they named Mason and Madilyn.

But, sadly, the couple, who have two other daughters, soon found out that baby Mason wasn't developing properly. Further tests and sonograms revealed that baby Mason has a hole in his heart, and an abnormal brain. He's not going to make it.

The McIntires received something else in their most recent sonogram, though -- the gift of seeing their little babies holding hands.

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"We know we have a piece of them together that will last forever."

Oh, my heart! I can't imagine what they must be going though -- the joy of knowing they'll soon meet their baby girl; the sorrow of never getting to meet their son. Pregnancy and parenthood are always fraught with contradictions, but to be facing something so special while at the very same time coping with something so sad -- it's just heartbreaking.

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Luckily, they do seem to be able to take so much comfort in knowing their babies are together, and that their son, in his short life, isn't alone.

I have found myself thinking before that modern sonogram photos are a wee bit creepy, but this, of course, completely changes my mind. What a precious thing for this family to have.

I wonder how they'll one day tell their baby girl about her twin brother, who was with her for just that short time -- yet who was so very loved.


Image via KWCH12

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