Your Kid Might Be Drinking Out of a Bottle This Moldy Right Now

Dad's post about bacteria Sistema nozzles goes viral

Parents will do just about anything to guarantee nothing happens to their child. Sadly, the unthinkable can always occur, especially in the most unexpected places. Craig Beresford is a UK dad whose post about bacteria growing on his child's pop-up bottle is gaining a ton of attention -- including from the manufacturer.


Now, to clarify, this isn't a baby bottle. According to Craig, his 7-year-old daughter has been using a Sistema Twist 'n' Sip reusable bottle, which Dad thinks was the source of his child's constant upset stomach.

In his Facebook post, Craig describes how his "OCD" nature made him clean the bottle on a daily basis. After speaking with a friend, the UK dad decided to try to disassemble the unit, and thus, Craig discovered visible bacteria that made him want to warn other parents about drinking vessels with pop-up caps.

Today, I took a sharp knife and broke the cap apart. It isn't designed to be taken apart and requires a bit of force to disassemble. The internal components have been hoarding bacteria. We were horrified and heartbroken that our little girl had been using this bottle in this state.

Just a note to anyone using a Sistema Twist 'N' Sip reusable drinks bottle, either themselves, or by your children....

Posted by Craig Beresford on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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In response to Craig's post, Sistema released a statement on their website, urging parents to take a look at their cleaning instruction videos, which will help in keeping the bottles clean.

We recommend after use you remove the cap from the bottle, extend the pop up sipper to the open position and put the top either in the dishwasher or hand wash and then place in water for five minutes with a sterilising solution.
Under normal use this should be sufficient to clean the cap.  

If you want to thoroughly sterilise them we recommend that you disassemble the top as per our video instructions.  There are three styles of Sistema caps currently on the market, please identify which one you have and watch the appropriate video.

Based on what Craig wrote, I don't think he's trying to stir up some huge boycott of Sistema bottles (he said in his post he wasn't). Social media enables moms and dads to share things, including potentially harmful finds, that could help keep a child safe -- and I'm all for that.

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I'm also happy that Sistema took the opportunity to listen to its customers, and try to provide a solution that just might help families.




Image via Craig Beresford/Facebook

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