Delta Sends Breastfeeding Mom of Triplets to First Class & Wins the Internet

Mom's praise to Delta for allowing her to pump in first-class goes viral

Traveling is already hard enough ... now add the need to breastfeed or pump. Jenna Evans is a breastfeeding mom of triplets who's praising Delta flight attendants for their random acts of kindness. Traveling from Atlanta to Dallas, and struggling to keep up with her nursing demands, Jenna was escorted to first class, where she was given the thumbs-up to pump comfortably ... and enjoy a few snacks.


I think I can speak for moms everywhere when I say, "Thank you, Delta!"

Since sharing her story on Delta's Facebook page, Jenna's post has gone viral.

As a breastfeeding mother to triplets, it's important that I not miss a breast-pumping session, especially when...

Posted by Jenna Mde on Saturday, February 13, 2016

I just love what Jenna has to say -- especially this:

It warms my heart when people go the extra mile (even in the air) and help make someone's life easier. I am incredibly grateful for the lengths these individuals took to make my role as momma much easier and impressed by the advocacy this company has provided for breast-feeding and pumping. Thank you, #Delta for making being away from my babies a bit more bearable!


I mean, seriously, how many times do we hear other mommies talk about the nightmare often known as traveling with kids, or the stories about trying to nurse or pump -- that don't include cowering in a bathroom stall or a pet "relief" area?

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Thank you, Delta -- along with other businesses that make things a little more bearable. Obviously we shouldn't expect an automatic upgrade to first class for breastfeeding, but still, it's a sweet story.



Image via Delta/Facebook

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