Target Helping Special Needs Families With Incredible Shopping Cart Made by a Loving Mom

caroline's cartParents Drew Ann and David Long often had a hard time at stores maneuvering both their daughter Caroline's wheelchair as well as a shopping cart. And so Drew Ann created Caroline’s Cart, a cart for families who need a larger seat for older kids as well as adults with disabilities. Target is going to start having them in most stores starting next month.


This is the kind of thing I cannot believe hasn't happened sooner. But it took this mother's love and brilliance and the support of many to make this happen. What a beautiful thing.

"This Caroline's Cart is in Target in Southington, CT! (My home away from home, lol!). So exciting!!" 1-800-351-CART #Target #redcart #youhavetoaskforit

Posted by Caroline's Cart on Sunday, December 27, 2015

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As Drew Ann points out, families who need a cart like this are in every community and inclusion is needed. Plus, whatever can be done to help ease a shopping experience should be something all stores are thinking about. And I'm so glad Target is on board with this -- as well as all the others who I hope will follow. Caroline's Cart should be offered in malls everywhere and in all large super-stores. Or wherever there is a need.

Even small local shops could take note of what King Soopers did in October. The Loveland, Colorado, supermarket noticed Melody Leach, one of their shoppers, struggling with a cart and her daughter Beatrice's wheelchair. Beatrice is 2 and has cerebral palsy, and a typical cart with seat wasn't going to work for her. The store purchased a Caroline’s Cart for her and not only renamed it Beatrice's Cart but also decorated it with ribbons and flowers upon presentation it to the family. 

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This is what support is all about. This is what coming together as a community is all about. This is what should be in all stores everywhere for all families. Inclusion. Love. Compassion. Bravo to Target and to those who supply Caroline's Cart. Target has really been on a roll lately -- in addition to this, they featured a child with disabilities in their Halloween ad, they are doing away with labeling toys by gender, and they are going to offer more organic and natural products. Thank you, Target!

And a huge bravo to Drew Ann and Caroline -- her cart is helping so many.


Image via Caroline's Cart

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