Mom Shares Scary Warning Video After Baby Almost Chokes to Death on Pacifier

Mom wants parents to know about scary pacifier accident

No parent ever wants to be in a situation where his or her child is at risk. Sadly, Kacie McFadden got the scare of her life, not once, but twice. The North Carolina mom's baby boy choked on a broken pacifier, causing 2-month-old Ryder to change colors. Needless to say, Kacie still has chills over what happened, and hopes her story will help keep a child safe.


Just seeing images of a broken pacifier -- and thinking about all the things that could've been -- would make any parent want to scream. (I know I do.)

Kacie and Jeremy Hedlund, Ryder's father, were completely dumbfounded as to how a MAM pacifier would break like this. After Kacie checked on her son, quick thinking prompted her to perform the Heimlich on her boy (he was 2 months at the time) after she discovered a part of the pacifier was lodged in Ryder's throat.

Notifying the company (including on its Facebook page), Kacie said MAM sent its apologies along with brand-new pacifiers. After the company requested the faulty one be returned (Kacie declined to give it back, in case they tried to throw it away), Mom kept "the evidence," and allowed little Ryder to use the new binkie.

You would think all would be okay, but sadly, it wasn't.

Two months later, the same thing happened ... again.


My son is lucky to be alive after using these products. This isn't the first time the first time my son was 2 months he almost choked to death. The second was tonight he almost died in his sleep has to do the Heimlich on him twice. And all mam does is send new products in the mail !!!it makes me so mad! Don't use mam pacifers unless u want your child to choke !!!! Share this and make it go viral

Posted by Kacie McFadden on Saturday, 2 January 2016


Shortly after Kacie's story went viral, MAM released a statement. Here's part of what they had to say:

MAM USA estimates that there are currently 12 million of its pacifiers in use in the U.S., and the company has never had to recall any of its pacifier products. The instructions that are included with each pacifier we sell -- and posted on our website -- direct parents to carefully inspect the pacifier and perform a "pull test" before each use - especially when the child has teeth; and to throw it away at the first signs of damage or weakness. We also instruct customers to replace the pacifier every two months to ensure safety and hygiene.

To date, there have been other reports of MAM pacifiers breaking, with similar outcomes (an "I'm sorry" and a new pacifier).

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It's beyond terrifying to think about a freak accident like this happening to your child, and I'm thankful that Kacie is telling her story. I don't know what can be done to make sure this never happens again, but at least we, as parents, can continue to try our best to protect our children from suffering. It's awful to think of babies choking on something that is supposed to be soothing.



Image via ABC11 Eyewitness News

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