Rapper Kevin Gates Says His Kids are 'Advanced' Because He Doesn't Vaccinate (VIDEO)

kevin gatesWe didn't necessarily need another celeb to join the ranks of rich and famous anti-vaxxers (think Jenny McCarthy, Mayim Bialik, and Jim Carrey), but we have one: Rapper Kevin Gates. Not only is Gates apparently against vaccines, but he also claims that his son and daughter are "advanced" because they didn't get their shots. 


In a recent video with Rolling Stone, Gates explains that his young son and daughter are, in his opinion, advanced -- and that he attributes their "accelerated" development to the fact that they've never been vaccinated and, thusly, don't have mercury or "things to that nature" in their bodies. But really, you have to hear him tell it:

Comforting though it may be to know that Gates is a "cold-blooded investigator" -- and sweet as it is that he thinks his kids are advanced (because, let's face it, all parents think their kids are advanced, even if they don't go telling Rolling Stone about it) -- it's not the most responsible thing for a public figure to go around denouncing science that has inarguably saved thousands upon thousands of lives. Indeed, if vaccines never existed, the world wouldn't be a disease-free enough place for Gates to even consider letting his children go around unvaccinated. 

I'm not one to denounce all anti-vaxxers as crazy conspiracy theorists, because I understand how confusing all the seemingly conflicting data can be (though the study supposedly linking autism and vaccines that started the anti-vax movement in the first place has since been debunked). My first child was born almost 15 years ago, when new parents were refusing to vaccinate their children in droves, and I was temporarily on the fence myself. But as my then-pediatrician pointed out to me, there's no proof that vaccines cause autism -- while most of the potentially fatal diseases vaccines were developed to prevent still exist, even if they are far less common. To me, the choice was clear. To others, it's not. Unfortunately, their choices do have the potential to affect public health, particularly when the parents in question are celebrities whose choices have the power to influence others. 

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So hopefully, fans of Gates who are tempted to follow in his footsteps will become "cold-blooded investigators" themselves. And hopefully their investigating tactics will involve talking to doctors who can explain the real dangers of not vaccinating children.


Image via Rolling Stone/YouTube

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