Doctor Performs Surgery on Healthy Newborn in Scary Mix-Up

Team of surgeons at work in operating room

Labor and delivery are already stressful enough; the last thing any new parent or newborn needs is more stress. Sadly, this was not in the cards for Jennifer Melton and her baby son Nate. The Tennessee mom was horrified to discover a doctor accidentally operated on her newborn. Not only was it a procedure Nate didn't need, but the doctor also never had the parents' consent prior to the surgery.


And as you probably guessed, Jennifer and her family are suing.

It's beyond imaginable to try to think about all the emotions this mother experienced. Not only was Jennifer overjoyed to welcome her little bundle into the world, but she also likely went through a battle to get him here (any mother will tell ya, labor and delivery are no joke).

Now try to imagine how Jennifer took news that baby Nate's post-delivery exam somehow turned into a frenulectomy, a procedure that cuts a piece of baby's skin underneath the tongue.

I'm sorry, what?!

Dumbfounded at this new reality -- and likely full of panic -- Jennifer just couldn't believe this happened to her precious child.

In response to the debacle, the doctor who performed the accidental surgery owned up to his error. He reportedly wrote the following in a progress report from the hospital:

... I had asked for the wrong infant ... I had likely performed the procedure on an infant different than the one I intended to ... and I admitted my mistake and apologized.

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Oh. My. Goodness ...

Jennifer is a much more restrained woman than I am. Even with the "I'm sorry" from the hospital, it would take everything in me not to go berserk.

I can only hope and pray that Nate is okay and doesn't have any major problems down the road. This is such a crazy and scary story that would likely scare the hospital socks off a new mother.

While I understand that accidents do happen, things like this should never, ever find a way into fruition.

So sad.



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