Controversial New Baby Seat Might Help a Mama Out -- but You'll Get Called Lazy

Controversial Babocush newborn cushion

As much as parents would love to hold their child 24/7, if we're honest with each other, that doesn't always happen. In fact, that's not a reality for many moms and dads -- which is one of the reasons why companies are trying to help bridge the gap. Should you admit that you need an extra pair of hands from time to time, you might want to take a look at Babocush, a new and controversial baby seat that has some folks pretty angry.


The newborn comfort cushion hails from the UK, and is actually the creation of a mother named Kerry Nevins. As a mom of two, Kerry wished there was something around when her kids were little that would make them comfortable and allow her to get a few tasks done.

That's where Babocush comes in, as it aims to help combat flat-head syndrome, serve as a safe and comfy place for your newborn to have a quick nap (or tummy time), and provide a solution to dreaded colic. And for extra credit, it's even equipped with sounds and movement to mimic your heartbeat and voice.

Baby Daniel Settling On The Babocush

Does your baby suffer from colic or reflux?Are you concerned about flat-head syndrome? (My little boy had flattening on the back of his head).Do you struggle to find the time to get anything done or spend time with the rest of the family?Very few parents have enough time in the day for their baby to constantly lie against their chest and many of us struggle to provide a safe and comfortable alternative.The babocush can help in so many way...* relieves the pain and discomfort of colic and reflux* helps your baby avoid flat head syndrome* provides safe and comfortable tummy time* holds your baby just like you do* has vibration and heartbeat sound to simulate the sound of your voice and beat of your heart for extra comfort, reassurance and contentment* gives you back some 'me time' to grab a shower, a cuppa or a family meal together in peace without the stress of listening to your baby scream when you have to set them downThe babocush is ON SALE NOW for £99 Find out more or order from our website at #babies #adorable #cute #cuddly #cuddle #small #lovely #love #instagood #kid #kids #beautiful #life #sleep #sleeping #children #happy #igbabies #childrenphoto #toddler #instababy #infant #young #photooftheday #sweet #tiny #little #family

Posted by Babocush on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Quite a few people have questions about Babocush, how safe a child would be, and why some moms feel the need to let a machine take care of their child.

"Really, baby wont hear your heart beat, have your smell or feel your warmth. They are tiny for such a short time, make the most of it, cleaning will be there tomorrow, these are very precious and rewarding moments," wrote a commenter.

"Wonderful but very sad ... mothers used to strap their babes to them when they worked in the fields. The more we advance the further behind we become," added another.

"I am very concerned that this breaks the advice that babies should sleep on their backs. This was a turning point in reducing SIDS and I am uncomfortable with a product which not only lays a baby in its front, but also has a pillow- in effect. Both risk factors that as a health visitor I advise parents against. Not sure I would advise my families to use this," mentioned one woman.

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There were also many who love the idea.

"This would have been a life saver when mine were tiny. Not everyone has support around them to help and as much as I loved my children I was still a person who needed showering and to eat and sleep. You can't keep going on empty and ultimately only you and your baby suffer if you don't look after yourself too!" wrote one mom.

"This would have been a God send with my daughter who suffered with colic, constipation and reflux! She would be in so much pain on her back."

Two things ran through my head when I first saw Babocush: I can only think of all the parents happy to use the bathroom with this, and does it come in an adult size? (Kids always seem to get the cool stuff!)

It's not for everyone -- and I get that. But I think it's fair to say that even if you don't like or agree with Babocush, we should all let everyone make their own (informed) decisions.

Not all moms endure the same battle. Some don't have help to make everyday tasks -- or even trying to keep up with other children -- easy. Then there are those mommies with babies who might require extra comfort to rest. We just don't know.

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And PS -- I don't think it's fair or right to ever call a mom lazy. Just because you might need some extra help doesn't make you any less capable of taking care of your child!

Obviously, I don't think it's wise to let your kid sleep here for an extended period of time (Babocush recommends the seat shouldn't replace a crib), or use when you're not in the same room.

If it can help a mama out, and your pediatrician gives the thumbs-up (sorry, I always ask for advice), I say why not?



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