Little Boy With Rare Disorder Becomes Viral Meme ... Until His Mom Takes on the Internet

jameson's journeyTexas mom AliceAnn Meyer always knew that her son Jameson might be the target of ridicule; the 4-year-old was born with Pfeiffer syndrome, a rare genetic disorder which prevents the skull from growing properly and affects the head and face shape. But her heart was still broken when she discovered that her sweet little boy's face had been turned into a cruel meme -- so Meyer is fighting back.


Meyer, who has two other sons and blogs about her experiences at Jameson's Journey, posted an adorable photo in 2014 of Jameson with chocolate and marshmallow all over his face: the classic messy toddler food shot. Except that some sick, twisted people saw something very different when they looked at the photo -- an opportunity to mock an innocent child. When Meyer saw the resulting meme, which compared Jameson to a pug, she was devastated. 

"What compels a person to do such a thing I will never understand," she wrote on her blog.

"There is no way for me to know who did this, but for every post and share of this meme I will do everything in my power to get it taken down."

To that end, Meyer has spent countless hours fighting to have the post removed from Facebook and other sites. She filed claims for copyright violations (since the photo was technically stolen from a published article on her blog). Meanwhile, her many readers are showing support by reporting the meme whenever they spot it. One fan even turned the photo into a positive meme:

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It's so encouraging to see all the love people have for Jameson, because it's really hard to accept the fact that there are human beings heartless enough to poke fun at a beautiful child. As Meyer wrote:

I could sit idly by and tell myself that there are cruel people out there and that’s the world we live in. But, 1. You stole a photo of my 4 year old son. Say what you want out loud, to your friends, in the comment box, but do not take my photo to degrade my child. 2. I was told by someone on Instagram (not so nicely) to “chill” because this photo is not even a real person, it was photo shopped. Umm, no. That is definitely a person.

A person the world is lucky to have, and a person who deserves to live a long, happy life without being known as the face of a nasty meme. Meyer hopes that what's happening to Jameson will help to spread awareness about Pfeiffer syndrome and other craniofacial syndromes, and no doubt it already has. And hopefully, by the time Jameson is old enough to understand how social media works, the world will be at least a slightly more tolerant place!


Image via Jameson's Journey/Facebook

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