Mom Celebrates Boyhood & Shuts Down Gender Stereotypes With #StillABoy Campaign

Still A Boy campaign Sooner or later, society will realize that you don't have to be a girl to enjoy pink things and flowers. Martine Zoer is a mother of two boys and a clothing designer whose #StillABoy campaign is all about being gender neutral.


Martine's fashion line, Quirkie Kids, aims to provide parents with a collection that won't confine sons and daughters to common stereotypes.

In fact, her hashtag #StillABoy was such a big hit on her company's Instagram that, eventually, Martine made the decision to turn it into its own entity -- inspiring many moms and dads to share pictures of their sons that go against the stereotypical grain.

After all, who says a little boy can't bottle-feed his stuffed animal?

Daddy | Image by @ayanasmama | #StillABoy

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... Or paint his toes?

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Hulk | Image by @maddjapp | #StillABoy

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And what about little dudes who love fresh flowers?

Yellow | Image by @naj_oo | #StillABoy

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As a fellow "boy mom" myself, I have to scream "Yaaas!" at my computer.

Part of me feels like we teach our daughters they can be equal to their male counterparts, and yet, it seems like there are still some of us in society who give the side-eye to any lad who enjoys "softer" things -- as if it's counterproductive to his budding masculinity.

Personally, I'm all for letting kids be kids.

My oldest boy is now 2, and you know what's one of our favorite pastimes?


Granted, I don't add polish (he's young, and until he asks for it, it ain't happening), but we both share smiles as we dip our feet inside my Japanese soaking bath. He even enjoys using the pumice stone.

Now, am I supposed to tell him when he's old enough to understand, "Honey, only girls get pedicures"?

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No, I don't think so.

Hopefully, the #StillABoy campaign will inspire more families to allow their boys to enjoy things that give them joy (so long as they don't cause bodily harm, of course).



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