Mom Loses Her Wedding Ring & Finds It -- in Her Toddler

Toddler swallows Dad's wedding ring in unthinkable accident

Man, oh, man, will kids have you playing hide-and-seek -- whether you know you're a part of the game or not! A Seattle-area family is thankful their 14-month-old son is okay, after an X-ray showed the toddler swallowed Mom's wedding ring.



Dad, who goes by the awesome name iamclarkgriswold on Reddit, first shared the story of his curious little tot, who secretly ingested his mother's platinum wedding band. In fact, no one knew he performed the disappearing act until after doctors saw it pop up on an X-ray.

Yup, that sure is a ring.

After several hours in the hospital under observation, the 14-month-old boy was given the thumbs-up to go home. Rather than immediately opt for surgery -- or another form of medical intervention -- doctors allowed for, um, nature to take it's course.

Hence the fun part: Mom, Dad, and sons (ages 5 and 7) on doo-doo watch.

As Dad joked, “S--- happens. Hopefully soon, with diamonds.”

Thankfully, the toddler was able to pass the ring without harm or discomfort -- which was likely a huge sigh of relief for this family.

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Knowing me, I would've been a hot mess to deal with. I am that annoying worry rat who always needs to take a pause for prayer ... and the opportunity to WebMD any "symptoms" I see.

I can only imagine the worry these parents felt, and calm that eventually came knowing their child was okay.

I'm sure this couple's vows took on a whole new meaning ...

To have and to hold from this day forward,
For better, for worse,
For richer, for poorer,
In sickness and health,
Until searching through turds do us part.





Image via iamclarkgriswold/Reddit

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