Lego's First Minifigure in a Wheelchair Is a Win for All Kids

New Lego minifigure will be first-ever with disability

The iconic toy manufacturer Lego has likely made so many children and parents happy across the globe. After Lego confirmed reports that the first-ever wheelchair minifigure will hit stores this summer, advocate groups, like Toy Like Me, are excited for the inclusion that now gives children with disabilities a toy that might resemble them.


Some are wondering why it took the Danish company so long to make such a toy, and others are looking forward to purchasing the upcoming Fun in the Park collection, which will now include a young boy in a wheelchair, and his service dog.

You might remember that Rebecca Atkinson, cofounder of the Toy Like Me campaign, wasn't too happy with Lego's initial attempt to represent a person with disabilities. Parents and special needs supporters alike were appalled with the 20 Lego Duplo® figures that featured an elderly man in a wheelchair.

Hoping to get the company's attention -- and a more youthful character in a wheelchair for children with special needs -- Toy Like Me started a petition for more positive representation.

Well, I think it's safe to say that Lego heard concerns, and finally created a solution that, hopefully, will make their construction toy sets all the more enjoyable.

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I'm glad there's now a character that resembles a part of the population who enjoy Legos. Young kids should be exposed to different characters from different walks of life, who may or may not be reflected in their communities. Not only does it give them the platform to celebrate unique qualities, but it might also open the door for new friendships with others who don't look like them.

Sometimes, there can be a "fear of the unknown" -- and who knows, we might be able to break down a few barriers, one Lego at a time (just don't step on them, they hurt).

Even though my sons are little (age 2 and 7 months), I look forward to exposing them to Legos -- including new characters like this.

It's a win for everyone to enjoy.



Image via DANIEL KARMANN/AFP/Getty Images

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