Grandpa Trumps Grandma's Mushy Note to Grandkid With 2 Simple Words

Hilarious viral letter from grandparents

Men. You gotta love 'em ... most of the time (ha, kidding). Known for being "the simpler sex," gents are notorious for keeping things very simple. Well, if that's true, it definitely explains this grandfather's hysterical response to Grandma's note.


While there's not a ton of deets about Haden, one thing's for sure: Grandpa is a man of few words.

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In case you can't read it, here's what the note says:

Hayden - You are so special to me. I love you & your personality. I can't wait to spend more time with you.

I am so proud of you. I talk about you all the time.

I love you with all my heart!



Same here.


OMG, hahahaha.

Silly, Grandpa. I guess he didn't feel the need to say anything else. Apparently, Grandma did enough in that department.

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This reminds me of so many men I know -- including my husband -- who give a one- or two-word response.

I guess less is more, hehe



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