Third Grader Makes Wigs for Kids With Cancer & We Want to Be Her When We Grow Up

Lauren Collins creates wigs for kids

Children might not always understand the ins and outs of tragedy, but that doesn't mean they can't make a difference. Lauren Collins is a Nevada third grader who creates wigs for children with cancer.


An honor roll student at Tartan Elementary, Lauren wanted to do something for children battling cancer that, hopefully, would empower them from the inside outside.

Inspired by her best friend's sister (she has cancer), Lauren is on a mission to create 30 wigs in hopes of donating them to the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation's Camp Cartwheel, which helps children with cancer and illness.

Lauren is so close to hitting her fund-raising goal on GoFundMe that will help make her endeavors a reality.

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It's amazing the amount of talent this young girl has -- and how big her heart is. Lauren's wigs are diverse and demonstrate a meticulous amount of dedication that reiterates her selflessness. Side note: The video of Lauren making a wig is pretty amazing.

Plus, they look very good!

I can only imagine how incredibly hard it must be for little ones to fight a battle like cancer. For a parent, it must be so incredibly hard to do everything in your power to try to fix the situation -- and while a wig isn't a cure, that doesn't take away its ability to empower. Hopefully the recipients of Lauren's wigs will feel much-needed excitement that will help make their day brighter.

This just goes to show that you don't have to be a certain age to make a lasting impact in your community. 

Awesome job, Lauren!




Image via Lauren LaRay Wigs/GoFundMe

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