Parents Capture Toddler Saying Prayers on Baby Monitor ... Holy Cuteness (VIDEO)

Parents catch 2-year-old girl praying in her crib

Kids, they're definitely little sponges. Kathryn Whitt is a South Carolina mom whose 2-year-old daughter's impromptu prayer in her crib has the Internet shouting, "Amen!"


Sutton Whitt decided she just wasn't going to sleep until she had her nightly chat with God. Normally, Sutton and her parents would spend time going through their list of thanks, but Mom and Dad didn't stick with their routine this particular evening.

As you'll see, this 2-year-old had no problem taking matters into her own hands.

We put Sutton to bed about an hour ago and then heard noise coming from her room. We turned on her baby monitor and found her praying! Wish we could have gotten the whole thing recorded. You've got to watch this! So sweet!!!To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Posted by Kathryn Whitt on Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Thank you, Santa Claus."


Aww, this video warms my heart!

Children are such wonders, and will often mimic the behavior of the people in their lives. Kudos to these parents for trying to instill good values in their daughter -- including selflessness.

Sutton was certainly dedicated to her prayer list, even if it took two minutes (that's a lot of time for a little one).

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I can only hope my 2-year-old and 7-month-old boys will do the same. 

Great job, Sutton (and, of course, Mom and Dad)!



Image via Kathryn Whitt/Facebook

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