New Barbie Wins the Internet, But This Mom Isn't a Fan

For ages -- well, for as long as I can remember -- we moms have been begging Mattel to make Barbies with more diversified body shapes. And now our collective dream has come true. Mattel just announced that the doll every mom loves to hate will now be available in three new body types and a variety of skin colors and hairstyles. But now that these new Barbies are here, I can't help but think what a dumbass idea this is. 


I'm a fan of Barbie. I loved how she could have basically any career you could think of, and I applaud Mattel for coming out with these new dolls. We have curvy Barbie! Petite Barbie! Tall Barbie! The new Barbie Fashionistas line includes 4 body types, 7 skin tones, 18 eye colors, and 18 hairstyles, which basically means you can find dolls that vaguely resemble your own kids -- as long as they aren't deathfat™ or differently abled or, you know, ugly. 

We have wanted Barbies that show different body types for ages! And I'm a sucker for this; I want my kid to grow up seeing different body types depicted in her fashion doll. I want my kid to get that bodies come in all shapes and sizes. (And that's why I just ordered her two of the new Fatty Barbies, the Chambray Chic and the Sweetheart Stripes.)

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And then I realized that this whole new line of Barbies may not be because Mattel wants our daughters to grow up with a healthy body image, but because it can now sell us moms fashions that fit our brand-new Barbies. Because lawd knows my new pretty curvy dolls ain't gonna be able to squeeze into old-school stick-thin Barbie's skinny jeans anytime soon. 

If Mattel really cared about showcasing different body types in its Barbie range, it would have come out with this line a whole lot earlier, because moms have been asking for this for years. I can't help but think it's just another money grab from a big toy company trying to help its falling profits by joining the body-positivity trend. 


Image via Mattel 

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