Never Put Your Baby’s Car Seat in a Shopping Cart: Here's Why (PHOTO)

Infant car seat accident that can happen to anyone

Have you ever seen an accident and been so thankful no one was hurt -- or that something happened to remove people from harm's way? Lindsey Wisnewski is an Ohio mother of two whose photo of an infant car seat and shopping cart accident is going viral, and for all the right reasons.


Luckily, Lindsey's baby girl wasn't harmed. In fact, she was safe inside Mom's baby carrier during the shopping trip.


As Lindsey explains, she was putting her preschool-age son in the car when a gust of wind pushed the shopping cart -- causing the "locked" car seat to detach and fall on top of the vehicle.

So this just happened. I was strapping my preschooler into his car seat and the wind slightly caught one wheel and the...

Posted by Lindsey Wisnewski on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Oh. My. Goodness ...

I really (really) hate thinking about "what if" scenarios, but am so grateful the baby wasn't in this seat! As Mom says, she's not trying to judge anyone who puts his or her child's car seat on top of a shopping cart, but simply wants this photo to be a reminder about the possible dangers of doing so.

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Many people -- including myself -- are or have been guilty of doing this. I'll admit, there were a few times in the past when I thought I secured my child's car seat on a shopping cart and went about my business. There was one instance in particular where I gently pushed the cart up a curb ramp and felt the seat shake -- even though it was "locked" in place. Needless to say, I learned my lesson ... and fast.

It's certainly understandable why many parents want to take their baby's car seat to the shopping cart. Between unbuckling LO, fiddling with a babywearer, or just wanting to streamline the shopping process, it seems like an easy solution. Hopefully, people will stop, take a look at this, and think twice about putting a car seat on a shopping cart.

It just might prevent an accident.

And for the record, no one needs to be vilified if they've done this. As the saying goes, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Thank you for sharing, Lindsey.



Image via Lindsey Wisnewski/Facebook

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