Principal Fed Up With Lazy Moms Who Wear PJs to School Drop-Off

Elementary school principal sends parents a letter, asking them to stop wearing PJs during dropoff

Trying to get your kids out of bed, dressed, and fed each morning before school can be a mad dash -- no, a sprint for your life. After all, who really likes getting those stares from teachers? And in case you were contemplating rolling up to school in your jammies, think again. A UK elementary school principal's letter asking parents not to wear PJs during drop-off has sparked an Internet debate.


English headteacher Kate Chisholm also mentions that parents are wearing their sleepers (and sometimes slippers, too) to school activities -- including meetings and assemblies.

As you might've guessed, Chisholm's letter to parents and caregivers has gained some attention. Posted on the Red Hall Community Centre Facebook page, it doesn't shy away from the apparent issue.

Just thought we'd share this letter Skerne Park School sent to parents (just a bit of fun and to provoke thoughts). Do they make a good point? Or should people be free to decide their attire?

Posted by Red Hall Community Centre on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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Here's what the letter says:

Dear Parent/Carer,

  I have noticed that there has been an increasing tendency for parents to escort children to and from school while still wearing their pyjamas and, on occasion, even slippers. Could I please ask that when you are escorting your children, you take the time to dress appropriately in day wear that is suitable for the weather conditions? While this may seem to some to be a minor point, I am sure you will agree that it is important for us all to set our children a good example about what is appropriate and acceptable in all aspects of life, not only from the point of view of their safety and general well-being but also as preparation for their own adult life. Thank you for your co-operation in helping to raise our children's aspirations.

Kind regards,

Kate Chisholm


In plain English, Kate is like, "I'ma need you to stop wearing slippers and your night outfits to school, mmkay?"

Okay, all jokes aside, I can understand what this headteacher is trying to say. Pajamas, slippers, and possible curlers in the hair aren't a good look for school -- and likely mean you're rushing to get your kiddos to class on time. (Constantly arriving late can be a no-no; just ask my mother, haha.) Yes, parents should lead by example, and in many ways, they should "dress for success" ... but, can we be real for a moment?

That won't always happen.

Whether you have one child or fill your minivan with kids, sometimes, life happens. Maybe you tried your best to get your children to school without rushing. Maybe you have multiple schools to hit up in the morning. Maybe you spent so much time trying to get your LO ready that you didn't have time (or didn't care) to think about yourself. Maybe you work from home. Or, maybe you're running late. You very well could be one of those moms or dads who drives up in a robe (personally, I would change my top or wear a jacket that looks like I tried, but whatever).

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I'm not for clothes-shaming anyone, and I don't think that was Kate's intention when she wrote this letter. There are just far too many circumstances that come into play when you ask why so many parents are taking their kids to school in PJs.

Maybe this will inspire you to switch up your ensemble for the sake of appearances, and maybe you still don't give a da-- after reading this letter.



Image via Red Hall Community Centre/Facebook

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